Torrium II, 110V 60Hz

Torrium II, 110V 60Hz
Item #: DP-TT70Y-USA
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The latest controller for Davey HS and B Series pumps, Torrium«2 starts pump on pressure drop and stops pump on low flow (~1 lpm), thus reducing pump cycling providing constant and even water pressure.

The Davey Torrium«2 controller features a simple indicator and fault LED system. Red means that the system is in standby. Green means the pump is running. Torrium«2 stops the pump in "loss of prime" circumstances and activates the amber or fault LED indicator, protecting the pump from dry run damage.

When the Torrium«2 detects "loss of prime" it waits 5 minutes then goes into auto retry mode, whereby it will restart the pump to see if prime can be re-established automatically. Auto retry occurs at 5 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32 hours. Torrium«2 will also retry if it detects flow through the system (e.g. from mains water pressure returning).

If the Davey Torrium«2 controller detects excessive electrical current, such as when the pump motor is subjected to locked rotor or when someone tries to manually override the Torrium«2 by holding in the prime button, the Torrium«2 will shut the pump down and indicate fault.

Water over-temperature cut-out fail safe protection provides a second level of protection against loss of prime, closed head operation, repetitive cycling for added security and longer life. In the event of the Torrium«2 detecting water over temperature above 70║C it will shut the pump down and the amber LED will be lit. Once the water temperature has dropped to below 60║C, the Torrium«2 will allow the pump to restart.

In the event of extremely low flows, Torrium«2 will delay starting until the system pressure drops below 80% of last shut-off head. In any case, pump start will occur immediately if either the approximate discharge flow from the systems exceeds 0.5 lpm or the system pressure drops to 50% of the last shut-off head. This start procedure occurs every time to overcome pump cycling and improve consumer satisfaction with the system.

36 month Manufacturer's Warranty.