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Out-Of-Warranty Service

We service the following Davey Products:

  • HS Series booster pumps

  • BF Series booster pumps

  • BT & BIT Series booster pumps

  • Dynaflo Series booster pumps

  • Speedman Series booster pumps

  • AG Series engine driven pumps

  • Firefighter™ 93 Series engine driven pumps

  • Firefighter™ 5 Series engine driven pumps

  • Hurricane Series engine driven pumps

  • Torrium controllers


To obtain non-warranty repair service on your Davey Water Product:

  1. Confirm that your Davey Water Product is in the list of products we service (see above).

  2. CLICK HERE to download and print our Repair Request Form.

  3. Carefully package the Davey Water Product and ship it (prepaid and insured) to our address on the top of the form. Make sure to complete the Credit Card Authorization on the back of the form.

  4. Upon receipt a $50 non-refundable inspection fee will be charged to your Credit Card and we will inspect your Davey Water Product to determine any necessary repairs.

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