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 Detailed Description
The latest controller for Davey HS and B Series pumps, Torrium®2 starts pump on pressure drop and stops pump on low flow (~1 lpm), thus reducing pump cycling providing constant and even water pressure.

Torrium®2 features a simple indicator and fault LED system. Red means that the system is in standby. Green means the pump is running. Torrium®2 stops the pump in "loss of prime" circumstances and activates the amber or fault LED indicator, protecting the pump from dry run damage.

When the Torrium®2 detects "loss of prime" it waits 5 minutes then goes into auto retry mode, whereby it will restart the pump to see if prime can be re-established automatically. Auto retry occurs at 5 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32 hours. Torrium®2 will also retry if it detects flow through the system (e.g. from mains water pressure returning).

If Torrium®2 detects excessive electrical current, such as when the pump motor is subjected to locked rotor or when someone tries to manually override the Torrium®2 by holding in the prime button, the Torrium®2 will shut the pump down and indicate fault.

Water over-temperature cut-out fail safe protection provides a second level of protection against loss of prime, closed head operation, repetitive cycling for added security and longer life. In the event of the Torrium®2 detecting water over temperature above 70ºC it will shut the pump down and the amber LED will be lit. Once the water temperature has dropped to below 60ºC, the Torrium®2 will allow the pump to restart.

In the event of extremely low flows, Torrium®2 will delay starting until the system pressure drops below 80% of last shut-off head. In any case, pump start will occur immediately if either the approximate discharge flow from the systems exceeds 0.5 lpm or the system pressure drops to 50% of the last shut-off head. This start procedure occurs every time to overcome pump cycling and improve consumer satisfaction with the system.

24 month Manufacturer's Warranty.